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String protection tape, eliminate noise


Eliminate string noise and overtones

Make the tone of the guitar clear and clean, and every fingertip is more crisp and clear, rejecting unnecessary noise.


Hit and hook strings are cleaner

Eliminate unwanted humming when your fingers are hammering or pulling strings, keeping the sound clear and pure.


The fiber is soft, compact and elastic, and the string is gentle

The elastic material design makes it easy to adjust the strength of the muffled sound. The soft fiber fabric will not damage the neck, and the fingerboard and strings are gently cared for.


Velcro design, easy to install and slide freely

Just place the damping tape close to the corresponding fret on the neck and apply the grinding tape directly from the back.

Simple to use, easy to install, no other auxiliary tools are required, and it can slide freely to any position on the neck.


Intimate pick card slot design (with packaged pick)

Whether it is a performance or practice, picks are often inconvenient to store and find because the target is too small, which will always bring some small troubles. In the process of playing, the pick may slip off accidentally, causing embarrassing scenes. The Guitto damping belt has a pick slot design, which can be inserted into a pick, which is convenient for storage and access at any time.


Trumpet: suitable for 4-string bass, 6-string electric guitar

Medium: 5/6 string bass, 7 string electric guitar


Weight per box: 1.9kg

Carton size: 59.5x23.5x13.5

Weight per piece: 0.01kg

Quantity per carton: 100 pieces/carton