JOYO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is dedicated in R&D, manufacturing and marketing electroacoustic and digital products, in 2018, we established a new brand named GUITTO, specializing in accessories!



JOYO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2006, back then, our main products are guitar accessories such as tuners, mechanical metronomes, electronic metronomes, EQs and more.



JOYO’s sales figures soared and was well received, then JOYO expanded scale rapidly, as we realized that the electroacoustic market is quite promising, and thus JOYO started to hire staff who are also guitarists——the essence of creating a great product, of course, is a good savvy in customer’s needs. Afterwards, as you know, JOYO brand started to launch effects pedals and guitar amps, from learning others to independent R&D, we grew step by step, and are well known for amazing tone and good value for money. Now people are aware that JOYO is a company manufacturing effects pedals and amps at the mention of JOYO.



As a seasoned enterprise in the manufacturing industry for 12 years in a row, JOYO is in a position to build accessories with superior quality and design at present.



As JOYO has become a mature brand of effects pedals and amps, so we’ve determined to release a whole new brand for instrument accessories, with its own independent R&D team, aiming at providing “good value for money fine instrument accessories”.



JOYO boasts various bands, artists, musical instrument dealers over the years, who offer us valuable feedbacks and enable us to gain insight into product development. And experienced and professional development team who are fully aware of the guitarists’user experience. Time-tested production department and QC department, competent purchasing department as well.



With the chic blue, GUITTO has started out and determined to build instrument accessories heart and soul!