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GGC-02 “revolver” is a brand new revolver-shaped capo with innovative functions.





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GGC-02  Capo

GGC-02 “revolver” is a brand new capo with innovative functions, as you can see, it’s revolver-shaped, its chainwheel part is adjustable, say, you can adjust the dynamics you press on the strings, moreover, you can adjust the spring’s force precisely by rotating the wheel, so the capo can achieve the optimal elasticity and therefore supply the optimal dynamics you press on the strings. The hidden slot for the pick is unique to others, holding them securely in place, quite user-friendly.

GGC-02 has been precision engineered and made of fine materials. It’s engineered from vacuum casted zinc alloy, with a polished finish to ensure maximum comfort. The ripple on the handle and knurling on the wheel are of exquisite workmanship.




1.     Made of high-end zinc alloy and has undergone vacuum casting, precision polishing and electroplating, making it shiny and durable

2.     High quality olive-shaped spring ensures stable elasticity and comfortable handling

3.     The capo can achieve the optimal elasticity and therefore supply the optimal dynamics you press on the strings of different instruments, delivering amazing tone

4.     Made of high-end materials and of rigorous craftsmanship, making it durable

5.     The exquisitely designed silica gel curves and strings are fastened together nicely, which guarantees a much purer sound

6.     An ingenious hidden slot for the pick is quite convenient for users during performance

7.     A nail puller is attached at the bottom of the handle, so the users can use it to pull the nails

8.     Suitable for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and ukulele

9.     3 colors are available:

A.     Silver, simple and clear

B.     Black, solemn and solid.

C.    Gold, luxurious and honorable

10.   Dimensions: 97x90x15mm  Weight: 120g

11.   Packing: semi-blister packing

The quantity of the small box: 20PCS

The quantity of the big box: containing 5PCS small boxes, total quantity: 100PCS