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GUITTO has just launched GSA-010 high quality acoustic guitar strings。





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GUITTO has just launched GSA-010 high quality acoustic guitar strings, with melodious tone and comfortable feel, suitable for both beginners and the advanced guitar players, for beginners, the light strings make it easy for them to play, for the latter, the light strings are more suitable for string bending. GSA-010 are perfect for lead guitarists during jamming unplugged. Oxidation resistant coating ensures longer strings life,they appeal to those who hate to replace guitar strings again and again.


1. Made of high carbon steel alloy, durable

2. Hexagon steel core guarantees better tone

3. With coating, oxidation resistance and anticorrosion

4. Vacuum packing

5. Tone’s characteristics: subtle

6. Suitable for acoustic guitar

7. Color: metallic silver

8. Packing: vacuum packing, each set contains 6 strings


Specifications for GSA-10 Guitar strings

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